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Updated PPT-Test dharan project

Google QC’s ICT Seagull’s Project

Google QC

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Whenever we have a problem regarding anything, whether it is our studies, cooking, sports or anything happening in our day to day life we prefer Google.

Google has solution for everything and it tries to search it from various sources and give the user satisfaction. We chose the name because we also want to be like Google because it has every problems solution so we want to help others and more than it we want to save our environment so we choose our group name Google.

List of Members in our team

We are the members in the team working for the solution of the problem “Wastage of Paper”.
1. Pratik Sapkota
2. Samip Pokharel
3. Chandan Thakur
4. Rojan Bajgain
5. Bishal Thapa
6. Sophin Dahal
7. Sonia Thebe
8. Naman Koju

Introduction to Kathmandu University High School

Kathmandu University high school is the school which is located on the hill top of one of the paradise in Nepal known as Chaukot. The school’s environment is extremely good for a student to study. It is where a child learns to be a good and a smart student. This School not only in concerned in academic excellence but also in Extra activities which helps a student to be a total quality person. The peaceful environment in the school is extremely appreciable for a parent to enroll their child in school. The friendly teachers and the co-operative staffs make a child fell like they are in home simply to say it’s the “Home away from Home”. A child also refreshes his mind with the different sports and non-sports activities in the school.